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PS5 console designs based on DualSense controller made by fans

After Sony unveiled the surprising new look of its PS5 controller, fans have been trying to guess what the matching console will look like. The PlayStation 5 console may not have been revealed last night but its controller was, and rather than the minor update to the DualShock 4 everyone expected it’s the completely new DualSense. Although the underlying shape isn’t that different, the design aesthetic is completely new, with a futuristic two-tone colour scheme. And you’d have to assume that will be reflected by the console itself. With that logic in mind some fans have already been creating mock-ups inspired by the DualSense, of what they think the console will look like. The one above is by redditor Robo3687 and is very obviously inspired by the vertical design of the Xbox Series X. TOP ARTICLES 1/5 READ MORE Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera – all the highlights from Disney’s Family Singalong We’re not sure Sony would want their console looking so similar though and since Microsoft unveiled their look back in December there would’ve been plenty of time to avoid it. The second design you see here was posted on Twitter by user Gauffreman and just to add to the Sony cred it was created in game design package Dreams. That does look like the sort of thing Sony would design (pic: Gauffreman) Or at least that’s what they say, either way it’s an impressive design that looks like something out of Mass Effect or Mirror’s Edge and, for our money, is much more likely to be the sort of thing Sony would go for. This other one from Instagram is interesting because it’s from last year, long before the reveal of the DualSense, and yet it shares the same dual-tone colour scheme. It does now seem unlikely that Sony would go for such a traditional design, although it’s true you can only get so wild without the thing being impractical for putting under your TV. Of course, designing a console isn’t easy, whether you’re Sony or a fan, but one thing lots of fans have already busied themselves with is imagining the DualSense with a different colour scheme. MORE: GAMING Fallout 76: Wastelanders review – no longer a waste of time? Games Inbox: Would you pay £500 for a PS5? Call Of Duty: Warzone finally gets duos, just not for battle royale Many are already asking if it’ll come in black, but there are also plenty of other more imaginative colour schemes based on famous games and movies. It seems almost certain that Sony will authorise similar repaints as special editions, just as they have for the PlayStation 4 and other consoles, but for at now at least the black and white version seems to be the default.

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